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**COVID-19 Alerts will be posted here. Please come back to this page for updates on how Evolution Healing Arts is evolving in this new chapter in our history.


Oregon Wildfire Update:

I really hope this message finds you well and safe. Some sessions this week are being rescheduled at my Oregon City and Stayton Clinic locations for safety reasons and in order for me to aid my family, friends and community affected by the wildfires. People in my close family circle and clients are in Level 2 areas, with Level 3 areas within 10miles, or have already been evacuated. Some sessions may be canceled at a moment’s notice. While this is not something I would normally do, I truly apologize, and hope you understand the extenuating circumstances happening at this time. I am reaching out to clients individually to make plans and check in on their safety so please reach out when you are able/safe. I am shooting to hold Sat and next week’s sessions as scheduled, but please let me know if you need something different. Sending all my prayers/good energy.

-Catie Rose


Evolution Healing Arts is moving! 

My new studio location is just a couple doors away at 708 Main St Ste #205 in Oregon City. I am SO excited to share my new space with you and continue to help your healing journey with more room to move about! Please note: sessions in the new studio will begin starting Tues, September 15th. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

There is no elevator in my new building, so if you have mobility concerns please contact me for assistance. I am more than happy to do what I can.



Evolution Healing Arts is growing thanks to some sweat, perseverance and to all of the support and love of my clients, friends and family! I love my cozy little studio, but I am very excited to announce that I have found a new space with a little more room in the building next door at 708 Main St Ste #205 that will be my new treatment space as of Sept 14th, 2020! So any sessions scheduled after that will join me in celebrating my new space with me. More details to come as things develop!

Update 7/30/2020:

As we move into this new chapter together please know that your care and safety are still a top priority for me. Feel free to contact me with concerns and questions and I will do my best to help acommodate your needs or answer questions.

Below I've outlined some updates on my reopening status:

Reopening procedures and sessions at Evolution Healing Arts have started. I am slowly contacting those who have been on a waiting list to be rescheduled. Due to rescheduling clients from March-May, an even higher need for my services, and more time scheduled for cleaning between sessions, please know that your new session time may be scheduled 1-2 months out. At this time I am still following safety and sanitation protocols recommended by health authorities for the safety of myself, my clients and my close contacts at home. Clients are still asked to wear a mask during the entirety of their session, unless they have a medically excused condition(please present a letter of excuse from a doctor if possible). I have options in how we do the session to reduce discomfort of wearing the mask(positioning, duration in positions, etc.). I am also still prescreening clients via phone or text about symptoms/contacts and taking temperatures on arrival, as well as taking my own temperature during session days. 

If you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of illness, tested positive for COVID-19, or been in contact with someone with these symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID-19, please contact me to reschedule. If you have attended a gathering of more than 10 people, especially if you choose not to wear a mask, or used a form of public transportation(bus, MAX, plane, etc.), we will need to postpone your session for at least two weeks. If public transportation is your only option of transport please contact me to discuss your options. Session times are still limited to 60mins until further notice. More Oregon Health Authority guidance on safely using masks and conducting business in public places can be found at:

Everyone has different needs and feelings about where they are at in all of this, so as always I will be meeting each person where they are at to continue the personalized service you have grown to love about Evolution Healing Arts. Thank you for your continued patience and support as I navigate these times as a care giver and small business owner. Your kindness and understanding has really touched my heart and eased my mind. I'm excited to slowly start seeing you all again as you feel comfortable coming back in!


With sincere thanks,

Catie Rose


Update: 6/12/2020

Hello again, Friends,

Recently Gov. Kate Brown launched Phase I of reopening and massage therapy was included under personal services. Many therapists were very surprised to hear this news and opinions about the wisdom of this move and ability to reopen safely are widely varied. My practice is in a more populated county, people in my family circle are more high-risk, and the building my studio is in has been undergoing some renovations. In light of these and other factors I have decided to start a delayed and limited reopening as far as in-person sessions go. I know you have all been so patient and adaptable and I know we are all suffing from different effects due to this pandemic. I am experiencing and am very empathetic to this. In order to do my utmost to ensure the safety of my clients, my family and myself I have been trying to reset my studio and procure proper PPE and sanitation supplies. I will be looking to only see 2-3 clients a day and will be limiting my sessions to 60mins in order to reduce the exposure time. Another measure I'm taking, which you may have experienced at other businesses is to only have you enter the building and arrive at my studio AT the exact time of your appointment to avoid congregating in the waiting area or the hallways. There are other practitioners on the floor and I cannot guarantee that any of their clients won't be waiting in the waiting area or hallways. Please use your best judgement in keeping 6ft from anyone, and follow the healthy and safety measures outlined by health organizations to prevent the spread to others or yourself. 

I will be calling/texting to prescreen clients about their symptoms, contacts in the last two weeks and about their willingness to wear a mask during the session. If you do not have a mask, a disposable one will be provided for you. Because of close proximity and prolonged time in an enclosed space I am requiring clients to wear a mask for the time being. I will be wearing a mask, washing my hands before and after each session(as usual), and following a myriad of regular and new guidelines for the prevention of spreading communicable diseases. Due to the new measures I will be needing to add more time between sessions than I normally would(unless you are from the same household/container) from 30-45mins as opposed to the regular 15mins. Your patience and assistance in moving forward is greatly appreciated. Please contact me in advance of your session if you feel you may be higher risk or are at risk of infection(through symptoms or recent contact with an infected person) and we will reschedule. If you would like more details on the procedures I am putting in place to protect us, please feel free to call or text me at 503-765-6474. I love what I do and I am looking forward to slowly getting back to it. I hope you all have stayed well. 


Catie Rose


Update 4/27/2020:

Hello Friends,

Recently I have been receiving a few questions about when I will be able to reopen again. So I wanted to send out a general update for everyone here as well. I miss you all and I miss doing what I love! I have been keeping my finger on the pulse of government and health agencies, as well as board members of the massage profession and they have been meeting as a committee to come up with ideas and make decisions on best/safe practices for when and how things will open back up. At this time, massage is not necessarily being included in what has been referred to as "Phase I" (from my understanding is approximately between May 1st to May 15th). In many cases, massage therapists who are practicing outside of governmentally regulated guidelines at this time are being told by their liability and malpractice insurance companies that they will not be covered if they are. I am unwilling to put myself or any of you at risk(not that you would even ask me to). Beyond this, I know about as much as you at this point unfortunately. I have started scheduling people out towards the end of May and into June, but the most likely scenario is that when I can open back up I will have a need to space out appointments more than I originally did, 1) to stagger arrival of clients and 2) to give enough time for me to properly clean and sanitize the space to the best of my ability(and possibly even to change my clothing and face mask). My heart hopes it is sooner, but closer to the June 15th date is looking like to most likely scenario. I will slowly start contacting folks to reschedule as I am able and as I can determine(with forthcoming info) what the scheduling and procedures need to look like. If you have questions or would like to take advantage of a free 15min wellness consult please reach out to me via phone or text to schedule.

My heart goes out to all of you who are navigating this along with me. I am sending my very best to you and your families, friends, colleagues, pets, etc. Many folks have expressed having a rough time this past week with feelings of apathy, sadness, confusion, grief and more. I am with you! UGH! I urge you to continue to follow through with your self-care and tweak/adjust/redefine your daily routine to accommodate wellness for your mind, body and spirit. It looks different for everyone. Honor yourself. 

Warmly and with gratitude again,

Catie Rose


Update 4/5/2020:

Hello everyone,

These have indeed been challenging times in different ways for all of us. I have wrestled with ups and downs around how to gracefully and ethically, personally and professionally, navigate the new circumstances we find ourselves in. I want to say thank you here to all of those people who are still working to care for those who are suffering the effects of this illness, and to those who are working to provide our essential services. Thank you is not enough. It will never be enough. Thank you to those who are volunteering their time to craft masks and donate their time or supplies to support efforts. Thank you to those who are focusing their meditations, prayers and energy to support our world on an emotional and energetic level, and sharing their talents, knowledge and expertise in video form. We need your loving care in support of our peace of mind and to buoy our immune systems against the new transitions and stresses we face.

person doing heart shape with hands with sunlight shining through. Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Thank you to those who are able to and choose to stay home and slow/prevent the spread of the illness to care for yourselves and buy more time for those who are gathering medical equipment and learning about the nature of this virus. You may feel like you are doing "nothing" but that is everything right now. Having down time is supporting the cause, but is also a break from the every day stresses that would compromise your immune system more. Thank you to those who have offered kind words of support to me in this time. Thank you for being understanding and flexible about rescheduling your much needed sessions. Your grace, gratitude and kindness means everything right now and it speaks even more to what I already knew that people are good and that my clients are some really amazing, heart-centered folks. Again, please care for yourselves, learn something new, nurture your heart and creativity, give voice to your feelings, get in a cry or two, sleep, exercise, stretch, hydrate, phone a friend or loved one and get into nature if you can. I take great comfort in watching spring unfold. Sending my best to you at this time. 

Warmly and with gratitude,

Catie Rose


Update 3/19/2020:

Dearest clients, family and friends,

Due to the nature of current events and cautions about in-person interactions I have made the hard decision to suspend massage sessions until further notice. For the time being I am offering what I can in gift certificates for future sessions, Wellness Coaching, distance Reiki and Intuitive Life Coaching sessions via phone or video chat in session increments of 30, 60 and 90min increments(please see my Services & Rates page for more info). As a small business owner this can be quite a rough hit for me emotionally and financially, but I am trying to be as resourceful as possible. I also feel the need to say that I truly cherish my session times with all of my clients and I will miss our time together, but as a wellness practitioner I believe that my choice to suspend sessions honors my commitment to "do no harm". In the meantime, please care for yourselves. Please continue to commit to the self-care regimens you and I have discussed,  and more, to keep yourself well in your mind, body and spirit in these challenging times. I will stay vigilant in my meditations and sending general healing energy, peace, clarity and good will towards everyone but especially those who are entrusted with expediting the testing, products and care needed to curb, treat and understand the nature of this virus. Please continue to nurture your community as you are able via online resources and phone calls. I will be updating my website as I am able and will give notice here, on my Facebook page and my Instagram of changes in my status, services offered and the reopening of my in-person practice when the time comes. My thoughts are with you all! Be well! 

In sincerest warmth and gratitude,

Catie Rose Hewitt, LMT, RMT


Due to recent announcements and alerts of COVID-19 cases spreading in the area, I wanted to request that if you are showing any of the following symptoms that you please reschedule, stay home/see your doctor as needed:



sore throat

runny nose

difficulty breathing


If you have been experiencing these symptoms in general, as the day of your session arrives please contact me to assess whether it is safe to hold session times as planned. Some of my clients are in the higher risk category, so in order to lessen risk to them, and myself as a small business owner, I ask that you please keep your safety as a priority and call me to reschedule. If you are out in public it is advised that you:

wash your hands for 20 secs or more

not touch your face, eyes, mouth, etc.

do things to support your immune system, like practicing good nutrition, hydration, rest and exercise

Update 3/14/2020: I will not be booking any NEW sessions to be held within the next few weeks in order to see how things shake down. All new appointments may be booked further into April in order to try to accommodate rescheduling of some current sessions. Please note that I will do my best to hold sessions at their scheduled time, but be aware that if conditions worsen or a mandatory quarantine goes into effect I will reserve the right to reschedule sessions at my discretion and to the best of my ability with both of our availabilities in mind. Sincere thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. Take care!



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Cupping and Gua Sha

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