Welcome to Evolution Healing Arts!

**COVID-19 Alert!! 

Update 3/19/2020:

Dearest clients, family and friends,

Due to the nature of current events and cautions about in-person interactions I have made the hard decision to suspend massage sessions until further notice. For the time being I am offering what I can in gift certificates for future sessions, Wellness Coaching, distance Reiki and Intuitive Life Coaching sessions via phone or video chat in session increments of 30, 60 and 90min increments(please see my Services & Rates page for more info). As a small business owner this can be quite a rough hit for me emotionally and financially, but I am trying to be as resourceful as possible. I also feel the need to say that I truly cherish my session times with all of my clients and I will miss our time together, but as a wellness practitioner I believe that my choice to suspend sessions honors my commitment to "do no harm". In the meantime, please care for yourselves. Please continue to commit to the self-care regimens you and I have discussed,  and more, to keep yourself well in your mind, body and spirit in these challenging times. I will stay vigilant in my meditations and sending general healing energy, peace, clarity and good will towards everyone but especially those who are entrusted with expediting the testing, products and care needed to curb, treat and understand the nature of this virus. Please continue to nurture your community as you are able via online resources and phone calls. I will be updating my website as I am able and will give notice here, on my Facebook page and my Instagram of changes in my status, services offered and the reopening of my in-person practice when the time comes. My thoughts are with you all! Be well! 

In sincerest warmth and gratitude,

Catie Rose Hewitt, LMT, RMT


Due to recent announcements and alerts of COVID-19 cases spreading in the area, I wanted to request that if you are showing any of the following symptoms that you please reschedule, stay home/see your doctor as needed:



sore throat

runny nose

difficulty breathing


If you have been experiencing these symptoms in general, as the day of your session arrives please contact me to assess whether it is safe to hold session times as planned. Some of my clients are in the higher risk category, so in order to lessen risk to them, and myself as a small business owner, I ask that you please keep your safety as a priority and call me to reschedule. If you are out in public it is advised that you:

wash your hands for 20 secs or more

not touch your face, eyes, mouth, etc.

do things to support your immune system, like practicing good nutrition, hydration, rest and exercise

Update 3/14/2020: I will not be booking any NEW sessions to be held within the next few weeks in order to see how things shake down. All new appointments may be booked further into April in order to try to accommodate rescheduling of some current sessions. Please note that I will do my best to hold sessions at their scheduled time, but be aware that if conditions worsen or a mandatory quarantine goes into effect I will reserve the right to reschedule sessions at my discretion and to the best of my ability with both of our availabilities in mind. Sincere thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. Take care!



You may have found your way here because you were looking for something different. Maybe you need wellness massage that is designed specifically for you. Maybe you have come to a crossroads in your life and need guidance. Maybe you want to shift old habits that no longer serve you and move forward, you're in the midst of a transition or longing to unlock your creative voice. Perhaps you have lost yourself buried in the day-to-day busy-ness, or have found a myriad of excuses that have kept you stuck or feeling lost.

You are the reason. The time is now. I say this because so many people know they need something more and settle or become complacent in their lives. They give up their power to others or don't know how to truly navigate the intimacy of self-discovery. Perhaps you've been given what feels like your all and things still aren't progressing the way you believed they should have by now.

Using compassion and empowerment as the keystones of my practice, I help you explore and unlock touchstones within yourself to help you wake up and thrive in your life. Massage, Reiki, breathwork, guided meditation, self-exploration and guiding you to tap into your own intuitive voice. Many of us lose our way from ourselves, reaching outside to find answers. The answers are inside you. I will walk with you to return to the home within you.

In order to facilitate this powerful and transformational experience I am trained in a variety of modalities. Explore the “About Me” or "Services & Rates" pages to learn more about my approach and the various techniques I use in my work.

If you’d like to set up a bodywork session or a 30-min coaching consultation give me a call or schedule online. I am excited to guide you into your new chapter!

Some folks prefer email. Please reach out at info@evolutionhealingarts.com with any questions you may have.


Wisdom . Grace . Freedom . Gratitude